Monday, April 20, 2009

We're Alive!

It's been a CRAZY couple of months as usual! Filled with School, Work, Church Duties & a little Vacationing on the side. Sadly, we lost MOST of our vacation photos in a freak memory card accident. :( I have been so upset I've hardly taken a picture since. Don't judge us by these pictures...I promise we took good ones. In March we took a cruise to the Carribean, and it was fabulous. These pictures are on the ship from formal night with Miguel our server, at the Chicago Airport with Honest Abe, and in San Juan the day we flew out. Ryan got called to be an Assistant Scout Master to the 11 year olds. Which we are both thrilled about! Other than that we are just living the dream, day to day!


  1. It's good to see you're still alive and having a good time too. Sorry about the memory card- we lost some pics once too and it is really such a sad thing!

  2. Wow...excited to see a blog from you I guess you only will blog when you go on a cruise! ha ha jk So I had to go to Juicy without you because you went without me! we are suppost to be on the same pedicure schedule and you just went one day, and my feet were nasty nast! But you didn't tell me about Ryan's calling! Thats fun, him and Brandon are kind of the same calling!

  3. what was the occasion for the cruise? I've never been on one!!!