Sunday, February 8, 2009

I'm a bad bad blogger.

I'm running on the thought of better late than never lately!

Here are some pictures from Finals Week December 2008. It was a busy crazy week. Ryan helped me work on a chair made of nothing but cardboard, glue and some strategically placed screws. (shhh!) For the Critique you have to sit in it; which meant a couple of things 1) A man most definitely created this assignment 2)I was not going to make a flimsy chair.
 Ryan was so sweet to help me, especially since I'm difficult to be around when I am having an artistic vision. After 20 or so hours spent on the chair I had to just take a deep breath and say "oh well". I would do many things differently next time I decide to build a cardboard chair... if that ever happens. 
Last day of finals I took some time out of a stress-fest to have a pedicure with Shelly-bean. We were absolutely crazy because it was snowing like a maniac. And so we ended up running around with freezing little toes. 
Ryan's family picked me up from school and we went straight to Las Vegas. I would honestly never choose to do that ever ever ever again. By the end of the day I was ready to kill over. ahhhh....memories.


  1. did you go to that fabulous nail place in the Riverwoods? I got mine done there before my wedding...but it's the last time I get to have a pedicure for a couple of years:)

  2. Hey! I'm glad you finally blogged...I would have never invited you to the blogging world if I knew you were going to be this bad...ha ha jk. I'm no good either! Your page looks good! So things are quite busy...but maybe by the end of the month we will have some time to play...ha good to see you blogging, keep up the good work sista