Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Meet Eleanor.

Miss Eleanor,
You, my girl, are as cute as a button and as sweet as can be! You were born May 5, 2012. I was up all night the night previous with contractions 10 minutes apart. The morning of the 5th I woke up your Dad bright and early and told him "Get in the Shower. It's time to go." We dropped off Kaden with Grandma and Grandpa Welling at 6:30 am and headed over to American Fork Hospital where the nurse told me that my contractions would "probably fizzle out".  I knew she was wrong. I knew you were coming. So we walked around Target, I bought you some binki's and a pink baby bath. I would stop during contractions and breath. We went back to Grandma's and waited. Soon it was painful every 5 minutes, every 3 minutes, every 2 minutes and it really hurt! So I said to your Daddy "It's time to go." 
We drove to the hospital and got a new nurse (HOORAY!) who still didn't think I was in labor because I was only a 3+ (... I'll explain that when you get older.) :) But I cried because it hurt, and told her I would name you Annette (that was her name), or buy her a car, or sing her a song to get an epidural. She said that that Doctor Young said I had to wait. I told her "I hate Dr. Young." Which I didn't mean, except maybe a little bit. But I waited nonetheless. 
She came back and I was dilated to a 5. This was at 4 o'clock. Which means we had done a lot of waiting and crying and pacing and breathing. I walked into the delivery room and saw the temple. Annette gave us the best room on the floor. The one looking at the Timpanogas Temple. They got me all set up and gave me an epidural. They called Dr. Allen who would agreed to deliver you. They checked me and said surprisingly "Wow! you are at an 8. Daddy, why don't you go get some food? This will take a while." 
15 mins later Dr. Allen arrived checked me and said "You are full and complete. Let's break your water." We were all surprised, and I was happy I had an epidural. I called Daddy and said "Come right back. It's time to go." Daddy came back. They broke my water, and I pushed one time. You were born. 6:11 pm - 7 pounds 6 oz. 19 inches long. You were just perfect.
I was in love. I remember thinking you were so cute, and telling you that you were cute. You were sticking out your tongue. Your head was nice and round still, you were so sweet from the very beginning. We got to hold you and snuggle you while we staying in the delivery room. The sunset was orange and pink over the temple, I will always remember those feelings in that moment. You are such a blessing to us. 
Grandpa's and Grandma's came right away, Kohler and Welling. They loved you right away too. Kaden came to meet you that night. He sat in the bed with me, and wanted to get in your clear crib. The nurses brought him juice and cookies. He wasn't quite sure about you, but Daddy helped him hold you the very first time and he planted a kiss right on your forehead. He will tell me that you want more bottle, your 'mankies' (blankie), or your 'bink' when you cry. He wants to hold you almost everyday.  Life changed for him when you were born, but so far he's been nice to you and loved you every minute. He just takes his frustrations out on Dad and I. That's okay though, it's a hard adjustment. Someday I am guessing you will understand. 
Now you are 3 months old. We call you Ellie, Elle, ElleBelle, Nora, and Ella. You are smiling at me non-stop. You love to sit in the Bumbo, watch Kaden jump on the bed, and rides in the stroller. When you were a tiny baby you loved to sit in the kitchen sink with the water running on your belly. You still love the bath and loved swimming in the pool in San Diego. You started laughing during our family vacation last week. And now we all like to get you to giggle. You are a very good eater, never miss a meal. You are getting nice and round and smile when I call you a chub-chub. You are a delight.

I love you.


Monday, April 30, 2012

Rants from THIS mom (with no kids) on a Tuesday

Ryan and I decided a few months back that it would be nice for me to take a little time to relax and take care of myself, get stuff done, run errands or around town sans Kaden. Now... judge all you want. I have one kid, he is like a tornado. He gets bored with me and I get homicidal with him. I have found a magnificent DayCare where Kaden remains a busy little bee, and Tuesdays were decided on. Thus 'Amy's Day of Fun' (as Ryan so lovingly nicknamed it) were born.
Usually without my special K taking up all my energy I can slow down and notice my surroundings a bit more. I noticed when my generally preoccupied-mommy-brain actually has some time to think, that I was able to formulate complete thoughts. Some noteworthy and intelligent, and so much. But I started recording them and Rants from the Tuesday Mom with no kids were born. enjoy.

While I realize this is a Monday -->
The First of Many Tuesday Rants:

-- I love watching naughty little boys on my 'day off'. They remind me of Kaden and that I'm not the only one who is constantly worrying that their child could single-handedly burn a Super Target to the ground if you turn your back on them for ONE second. I was always a little rule-bender/breaker in my youth, which I have almost surely passed on to my offspring. Nonetheless I can rest assured I'm not the worst mother in the universe, and that having a kid with some real spunk keeps me on my toes. I wouldn't want a boring life... now would I?

-- I have a complex. Everything I buy for Baby Girl 2012 is pink. It's like I'm a robot. I shop... I buy... I get home and it's all pink -- varying shades... but really. PINK. I must've let my brain venture so far into 'boy' land that I just can't process anything but pink when thinking about this girl. So naturally I have a lot of different shades of pink things and they all clash. After peeking into baby sisters closet, Ryan said to me the other day, "This baby is going to need some neutrals." That's right RYAN, for which I buy most of his clothing, used the word neutrals in referring to a wardrobe. I'm in trouble. So I'm adopting a new mantra. This baby will wear all colors, neutrals are key in any wardrobe.

-- I was at Cafe Rio, by myself, paying $9 for a salad, when the man who asks "black or pinto" gives me like one piece of sweet-pork from the very bottom of an empty pan. I didn't say anything to save some dignity. I'll say it now though... really?!  What a bummer.

-- Some people are just foul. Their language, mannerisms, conversation, and demeanor. I had the pleasure of sitting next to one of these individuals the other day. Yuck. He mocked people's shapes and sizes all around, One lady he openly called a Tramp because she walked by with 3 children?? (Here's to all you 'tramps' out there.) Continued to curse, joke crudely and spit... yes this really happened. It left me wondering. Who are you? Where did you come from? Who is your mother, and does she have any idea the way you act in public? I concluded -- Some people are just foul.

Well.. that's enough for one day of ranting. 



Monday, December 12, 2011

Not to live in the past...

but let's catch up a little bit.

We left off in March -- Kaden turned 1. Hooray! Little did we know that we had few months left of babyness. We soon discovered a little toddler on our hands. We had a couple of crazy scares with Kaden. We spent some time and money on hospital stays and visits this past summer. 
First Kaden got a bacterial infection in his blood-stream and thanks to some great docters -- ended up recovering quite nicely. We were able to also start him on Asthma medication to help the little guy feel better regularly. 
This pic was in Primary Children's sitting in the rocking chair with Daddy watching the current favorite -- Little People - Things That Go. 
If you've ever seen it... you feel my pain. WE probably watched that 100 times becuase Kaden was quarantined to his room due to the nature of his infection and he also had RSV (in JUNE).
We so lovingly called that thing on his arm -- the club. 
He had to have it only because he kept pulling his IV out every single chance he got.

Around this same time we started building a house in Heber City. 
Rented out our Townehome to (seriously) the perfect renter. At least it seems that way considering all of the horror stories we have heard about becoming landlords.
WE moved in with my parents in Orem, August 1st. 
Oh... the joys of being home again.
While we were living with my parents and working on the Heber Hacienda (and only a few weeks out of the hospital I might add) - Ryan's Grandpa passed away quite suddenly and the same day Kaden was running and fell and hit his head on the corner of some cement. 

15 stitches and two (that is correct, two) ER visits later we were at the end of a really crummy day.
We had some trips planned this Summer to Lake Powell and New York which were both put on indefinite hold because of all of these unforeseen events. I was attending school "full-time" in the summer. 
Ryan was working at the Bank - got promoted to "Assistant Vice President of Business Banking". (I just like to tease him because that is his official title) or "Business Manager" or as we say Business Banker. Meanwhile he put in beautiful Tile, Electrical, Lighting, Wood Floors, Paint and a killer Master closet into the new house. Needless to say we had a craAazy summer.

In September we got another giant surprise -- 

This little bean is on it's way-- gender still to be determined. May 16th is my "official" due date. I took a pregnancy test (almost as a fluke) which was positive, and this babe was a BIG surprise. Although Ryan claims "he thought I might be pregnant". 
I continued to be very ill throughout my first trimester. Throwing up multiple times daily, which was not the case with Kaden. Every time I go to the doctor they tell me I'm 2 weeks less than I thought I was. I got some great medications the helped with the nausea and I'm now at 17.5 weeks (cross your fingers that doesn't change for lesser).
We have loved having it be just little Kader Baby around here, and once we wrapped our heads around the idea that our plans would be changing -- we are now very excited to welcome Baby #2 into our hearts and house. I can say that honestly, but also must acknowledge how frightened and anxious we are about how to handle two kids possibly both as crazy as Kaden. :) Life is an adventure I guess.

In October we moved back up to Heber into our completed House -- PICTURES to come soon -- and have been trying to settle in, unpack and make it home.

-- be back soon.


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Well -- Hello.

Hello, you sad lonely blog you.

I really do enjoy you, I miss you. I sit down to update you, only to never hit "publish" on a half finished blog post. 

As far as the internet knows... Kaden is still only 1. And the only thing that has happened this year is him turning said number. 
 In some ways I'm okay with that. 

I know I've been running around on Facebook, Pinterest, and even blogger checking out other blogs faithfully.
I'm sorry.

I want to re-kindle our love. What do you say?
I'm committed to making this work -- promise promise.

Monday, March 28, 2011

->February the Eleventh<-

this little man turned ONE.

kaden playing with a car.
 with grandma kohler

 baby K's mini-cake

 Kaden's big cake!

Kaden is our little hurricane!
He loves to eat grapes, blueberries, and oranges.
He can say - Mama, Dada, Baba, Uh-oh, All-done (sounds like aaaadunn), Izzy (pronounced zeezee), and NO!NO!NO!.
He also loves to make car noises.
He walks quickly, and climbs the stairs up and down.
He has 4 teeth, and a big happy smile.
We love him so much and he makes our lives so much better, 
and certainly more exciting and lively!

we had a small family / friends get together at my parents.
Uncle Tyson was wrestling in the state tournament that night at UVU,
and ended up winning and going on to take state which was VERY exciting for all of the Kohler clan!

Saturday, March 26, 2011



2010 was a big year for us, we had a lot of firsts...
just to name a few -

we started as 2 and ended as 3.
we prepared for a baby.
we delivered a baby.
Ryan learned how to change a diaper.
I began life as a stay-at-home momma.
I turned 23 and for the first time -- really felt 23 (maybe even older than that).
We took a fabulous trip to San Diego with the Welling family (not a first, but our first trip with Kaders).
Kaden swam and took his first trip to Disneyland.
Kaden crawled at 6 months - around August.
we baby-proofed.
Kaden took a trip to the Zoo, and some football games.
Ryan (and I) got to Hawaii for the first time over Thanksgiving with the Kohler Fam. 
We started in a brand new ward in new(and scary) callings.
I returned to school in the fall.
Ryan turned 28 and so began the 'nearing 30' jokes.
Kaden took his first steps before Christmas. (10 months)
we toddler proofed.
Ryan was the number one banker in Utah!
We sent out Christmas Cards.

Now prepare yourself for A LOT of pictures -

we grew up, we grew in numbers, our love grew, our faith grew,
our testimonies grew, our friendships grew.

yea... 2010 was a good one. My best so far.
Here's to an even more fabulous 2011 --
that is already 1/4 over (I know.. okay?)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

{You Better Watch Out, You Better Not Cry}

Ryan, Kaden and I went to The Riverwoods Mall one night last week with
Angie, Greg and Abbie. Kaden was lucky enough to meet this guy....

I've got to hand it to Kaden... he knows when to turn on the charm...