Wednesday, January 27, 2010


It's a little early, but I'm definitely nesting!
Sometimes I feel like I'm just rushing around, organizing and disinfecting all day long!
I made my own baby bedding, and (quite surprisingly) it turned out wonderful!
Ryan was able to paint the nursery and get the furniture all moved in, I absolutely love it!
In fact I've sat in my glider and looked out the window everyday since.
More pictures of the nursery to come... I have some more projects in mind.
For now I'll just keep up the scrubbing, cleaning, and preparing until our little guy gets here!
5 more weeks to go!


  1. OK that bedding is exactly the fabric I want to use for when I have a baby boy!!! I LOVE Alexander Henry:) You will have to send me the pattern you used to make the crib bedding because I think you did a FABULOUS job. Way to go girly! Where did you get your glider btw?

  2. You are so creative and wonderful! Baby boy Kohler is going to be the luckiest boy in the world :) I miss you and hope the pregnancy has been going well and know that I think of you often. Love you girl :) Just 5 more weeks!

  3. Yay! A new post!!! I love that bedding and your belly is so cute! I'm excited for you!

  4. So cute! Have you guys thought of a name yet?

  5. Oh! How fun! I cant wait til I can say only 5 weeks to go :) I'm so happy for you Amy. you are going to be the BEST mom.

  6. I like your pictures!!! They look like they belong in a magaize!! Love the nursery! Keep blogging and taking pictures, please!!

  7. aggh! i found your blog from mckell's!! :) yay!
    lets keep in touch!

  8. Oh congratulations! I can't wait to see pictures of him!